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Nothing is more frustrating than being on the sidelines at dance class because of an injury. That’s why the #1 focus of this program is laying a strong foundation of total body strength and mobility to decrease your risk of injury!


If we want powerful leaps, lifts, and beats we need strength, speed, and stamina. In the first several weeks we lay a strength foundation then progress through phases of training to increase speed, stamina, and power!


Some programs give you a plan and say “good luck”, at Feis Fit we’ve learned that having a coach to help hold you accountable to your goals matters! That’s why you’ll have 2 group accountability calls every month!

Helping Hundreds of Dancers Crush Their Dancing Goals

Improve technique, speed, stamina, and power!

"Feis Fit has improved my daughters dancing tremendously! She accomplished her goals of moving to PC and of qualifying for Oireachtas after just 4 1/2 months with Jeanne. What a great feeling to have to set new goals!"

-Kim Gebauer 

-Kim G.

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It starts with a 12-Week Program!

Every dancer starts with our 12-week Foundations program then moves onto our higher level courses. We do this make sure dancers properly progress through the mobility, strength, speed, and stamina skills they need to become the best dancers they can be!

Tested and Proven Exercises

We train over 50 Irish dancers every single week in Feis Fit’s small group training sessions, where skill levels range from beginner to World medal holders. Feis Fit has helped dancers achieve goals including winning world titles and other majors, qualifying for their first Oireachtas, getting into OC, and MORE! Every circuit in Feis Fit University has been tested in our small group training classes!

A Personalized Approach

Need an extra stretch or technique exercise added in your program?! Our weekly calls go over NEW exercises, technique, and practice methods dancers can add in to improve their performance.

Making Community a Priority!

We all know that Irish Dance is so much more than dresses, medals, and trophies. It’s about the amazing community we create through dancing. In Feis Fit we encourage dancers and dance parents to connect, communicate, and share their love of Irish Dancing!

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