10 Week Feis Fit Small Group Training

Small Group Training is Back! Here's How it Works

  • Dancers attend 1 session per week.

  • Classes will 1 hour and 15 minutes long. You will be given homework to complete each week based on your goals.
  • Groups are limited to 4 dancers a group.
  • We will be cycling through strength and flexibility, stamina and speed, and power (plus technique too!).
  • If you have a group they want to sign up with,  send me an email or text at (614) 572-6109 to let me know.
  • Dancers are to bring a mask, practice journal, pen or pencil, and water bottle. If dancers prefer using their phone to write down homework, that is okay too. Homework will be provided each week.
NOTE: If a dancer needs to miss more than 3 classes, I recommend doing online training instead.


Comotion Fitness

126 East Mineral Street, Milwaukee WI 53204

Program Dates

This session is 10 weeks and programming will be adjusted based on if the Oireachtas date will be moved. Here are the weeks of each class:


10-Week Session

October 4

October 11

Oct 18

Oct 25 (no class this week)

Nov 1

Nov 8

Nov 15

Nov 22

Nov 29 (no class this week)

Dec 6

Dec 13

Dec 20 (Only Sunday and Tuesday class this week. Wednesday and Thursday class will be January 6 and 7).


COVID Precautions

Your child's safety is the most important thing to me! Here are some of the precautions myself and the gym will be taking to make sure every child is safe at the gym:

-Doing workouts outside when possible. This isn't always possible as it gets darker earlier outside but we will be working out outside whenever weather (and light) permits.

-Masks are required except during the workout itself. If dancers want to wear masks during their workout they absolutely can, but I'm not going to require it during the actual workout itself. During explaining the workout or times where anyone is close together it will be required.

-Cleaning stations are located in every corner of the gym to ensure equipment is cleaned after every use. There will be extra time made for cleaning.

-Socially distanced. Workouts will be designed so dancers can socially distance themsevles during workouts.

-Hand sanitizer is all the gym front desk and dancers are required to use it when entering and leaving the gym.