13 Week Oireachtas Prep Small Groups

Small Group Training is Back! Here's How it Works

  • You will pick 1 small group for the entire 13 weeks. You can choose your time but I want to keep things super consistent with groups so you'll have your same group and time throughout all 13 weeks! 🙂

  • Class will be once a week for 1 hour with your small group and you'll be given homework to complete each week based on your goals.

  • Groups are limited to 5 dancers a group.

  • We will be cycling through strength and mobility, stamina and speed, and power (plus technique too!).

  • If dancers have a group they want to sign up with, make sure to sign up at the same time so they can be in the same group.

  • Dancers are to bring a practice journal, pen or pencil, and water bottle. Homework will be provided each week.

Classes do not carry over if missed, so if a dancer needs to miss more than 3 classes, I recommend doing   Online training instead.

More Information

 I'm only going to be taking on 2 small groups (so 10 dancers total) this Oireachtas season at the following times.

-Sunday at 6pm   FULL

-Wednesday at 7:30pm CST


Qualifications for small groups:

  1. Dancing solos at Oireachtas this year
  2. 12+


Comotion Fitness

126 East Mineral Street, Milwaukee WI 53204

Program Dates

Each group is 13 weeks, to take us up to the week before Oireachtas. Here are the weeks of each class:

August 25th

September 1st (I know this is Labor Day weekend, we will still be having class Sunday)

September 8

September 15

September 22

September 29

October 6

October 13

October 20

October 27

November 3

November 10

November 17