8-Week Feis Fit Small Groups

Small group personal training designed exclusively for competitive Irish Dancers. Strength and conditioning is combined with indivualized technique enhancement to help dancers become the best dancer they can be!



Nothing is more frustrating than being on the sidelines at dance class because of an injury. That’s why the #1 focus of this program is laying a strong foundation of total body strength and mobility to decrease your risk of injury!


If you want powerful leaps, lifts, and beats throughout your ENTIRE dance (not just a one step wonder) we need strength, speed, and stamina. In our classes, we dive into how to start building the strength and stamina you need to dance strong from start to finish.


The reason Feis Fit classes are limited to 4 dancers per group, is that every dancer has individual technique elements they need to work on, and I want to provide each dancer with the personal attention they need to improve.

More than jump lunges and planks!

As your coach, I’m constantly researching the BEST techniques for improving dance performance, power, mindset, technique, and injury prevention. My goal is to not just throw generic exercises at you, but master the art of Irish Dance strength and conditioning training so every dancer has the opportunity to reach and surpass their dancing dreams!

"Feis Fit has improved my daughters dancing tremendously! She accomplished her goals of moving to PC and of qualifying for Oireachtas after just 4 1/2 months with Jeanne. What a great feeling to have to set new goals!"

-Kim Gebauer 

-Kim G.

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Personalized Homework

Feis Fit has helped dancers achieve goals including winning world titles and other majors, qualifying for their first Oireachtas, getting into OC, and MORE! The reason it works is because I have learned that every dancer’s body is different and dancers need to work on their own individual weaknesses. That’s why in addition to the strength and conditioning homework, dancers are given individual technique homework specific to what they need to work on!

Ongoing Communication

This is something NEW to Feis Fit Small Groups. Dancers are given Voxer (a free voice and text messaging app) to me (Jeanne). I use this so dancers can ask questions, get additional support, and stay accountable to completing their homework.

Making Community a Priority!

We all know that Irish Dance is so much more than dresses, medals, and trophies. It’s about the amazing community we create through dancing. In Feis Fit we encourage dancers and dance parents to connect, communicate, and share their love of Irish Dancing!

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