Feis Fit Online

$120.00 / month

Feis Fit Is Now Around The World!

Live outside the Milwaukee area but want to kick you dancing up a notch?! Feis Fit Online Coaching makes Feis Fit’s programming available ANYWHERE in the world. Get all of the benefits of being a Feis Fit Athlete including an individualized training program, support, and accountability. Every dancer’s body, goals,  strengths, and weaknesses are different so that’s why Feis Fit came out with a way to help dancers with their specific needs.

Feis Fit Online started with a few dancers receiving emailed plans each month and now has evolved into so much more!

Feis Fit is a monthly program where dancers receive the following:

-A Feis Fit Video Analysis covering what we need to work on in your dancing

-An individualized Strength and Conditioning + Technique Enhancement Plan Of Action combining comments you get from your TCRG, your own critiques, and your Feis Fit Video Analysis

-Guidance from your Feis Fit Coach and teammates including online “office hours” and a 20 minute monthly goal setting call!

-Videos to show you how to do each of your exercises in your plan

-Access to messaging your Feis Fit Coach!

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  • Dancing Goals

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